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Potrivit Ordonantei de urgenta nr. These are true gems, in their original form, the way Dr. William H. Bates published them in his monthly Better Eyesight magazines in the s.

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Rather than bates vision method the huge volume of information of all the magazines, Bates Method Nuggets contains the essence in bates vision method compact form. The various parts of the method are sorted by subject, and step by step they provide you with a clear picture of the Bates Method in an easy and logical flow.

This book can be used as an easy reference guide to the Bates Method, and is very useful to newcomers to the method as well as long-time Bates fans.

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You get the best of Dr. Bates' writings from the ten years after he published his bookAbout the Author:Esther Joy van der Werf loves to help people improve their vision naturally. She has presented keynote lectures and workshops at international holistic vision conferences. Esther teaches in the USA and Europe as well as world-wide through internet.

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Esther currently resides in Ojai, California, where she enjoys life in the sun.